Calling ALL Nurses

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of nurse secrets!”

-quote inspired by “Mean Girls”

Are you a nursing student? Nurse practitioner student? New to nursing? Want to be a nurse or nurse practitioner? If so, than this one is for you.

I have been a nurse for five years and then went on to become a Nurse Practitioner. Although I am newer to the NP role I have lots of information, tips, and suggestions for both of these roles.

I would first like to know… What do you want to know? This blog is geared for all my fellow nurses and aspiring nurse or nurse practitioners.

What topics would you like to know about? Here are a list of some of the topics I know are asked for.

Tips to passing boards (NCLEX and AANP).

Preparing for your first nursing job.

How to handle the stress of working and being in school?

What you really need to know to be a nurse?

How to find the right NP school for me?

Preparing for your interview for RN or NP.

Please feel free to comment below on any other topics you would like to see!

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